Friday, 15 May 2015

The Honest Truth

So here I am. Seven years after I posted my first blog post, posts have been deleted numerous times, my blog has been rebooted three times and I have posted that first post, several times, stating that 'This is it'. 

It was never it. I would feel inspired and I would want to take my writing career into my own hand by creating my own little web space, where I could post freely, but this would last about a week before something would stop me. Each time, it was always the same two reasons, embarrassment over what other people would think and comparing myself to the super bloggers and YouTubers of the world. 

I am my own worst enemy and I always have been. I always believe that my writing isn't good enough to present to the world and that because of that, people would judge me, be it work colleagues, family or friends. It's gotten to a stage where I couldn't care less what people think of me. If people want to judge me for doing something that I have been interested in for many years, so be it. I'm going to put myself and my writing out there, and in the words of Taylor Swift, 'Haters gonna hate.'

The second reason is comparing myself to other bloggers. Bloggers who have been doing this for years and have found their path. I don't have a professional camera, I don't have my own domain, I feel awkward posting for outfit photos and I will probably ramble my way through a YouTube video but I have to start somewhere. I'm constantly concerned with how I may look in photos, whether my photos look professional enough, I can't pose like they can, and I don't live in London so it my content going to be interesting enough? It's a confidence issue that I have started to address and it now means that I am running out of excuses.

I'm not going to say 'this is it' as I don't want to write this post again in a years time saying that I didn't keep another promise. I'm going to say watch this space.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

April Beauty Favourites

Welcome to a new and improved Coco Avant Sarah and this time it's back for good. A new series that I'm going to introduce is monthly favourites that I'm going to categorise into beauty and random and fashion. 

Let's get into my first ever monthly favourites!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body buttercream
I have used the body wash version of this for the past year and the scent is simply amazing. It reminds me of a lemon cheesecake that Ant and I had in Central Perk last summer and I'm surprised that I haven't tried to eat it. Whilst in Boots I thought that I would give the buttercream a try having found that Soap & Glory body creams are perfect for my skin. It was love at first try, and I have used it every day. I'm normally too lazy after a shower to bother moisturising but this is worth the extra effort.

Sleek blush in Rose Gold
This is a beautiful blush that adds a gorgeous peach glow to the cheeks and I wear on the days when my skin needs a little pick me up. For under £5, the formulation is beautiful and extremely pigmented.

Topshop cream blush in Head Over Heels
 I wear this pretty much every day. It makes my skin look healthy and when paired with bronzed it adds a beautiful sunkissed glow. These dry to a powder finish once applied and blended onto the skin. For my basic everyday make up routine, this product is key.

L'oreal Colour Platinum Appeal eyeshadow in Metal Plum
I've had this eyeshadow for years and I used to use it constantly. Of course this was back when I was 18 and I didn't have a clue how to apply make up. I rediscovered this after watching a Tanya Burr vlog and she was wearing the By Terry ombre black star in Misty Rock. I realised that I had something extremely similar in my collection and I have been reaching for it ever since. It's not quite as pretty as Misty Rock but it will suffice until I get my hands on the real thing.

L'oreal Colour Riche L'extraordinaire in 600 Nude Vibrato
This is another product that I have been reaching for daily as part of my everyday make up routine. It's the perfect nude gloss for my skin tone and the formula nothing I have ever seen before. It feels like a balm on the lips yet has the pigmentation of a lipstick. I'm the type of person who constantly has dry lips so this formulation is perfect for me.

L'oreal True Match foundation in N1 Ivory
Being so fair, I have a hard time finding drugstore foundations that match. I always end up with a funky orange line or just looking like an oomph loompa. This is a perfect colour for, it has great coverage with a slight glowy finish. My only problem with this is that it can cling to the dry patches around my nose but I have a hard time finding a foundation that doesn't. 

I hope you enjoyed my first favourites post! 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Today I'm wearing: Military stripes & leather

Military cardigan- Topshop, leather top- Warehouse, pleated skirt- Primark

Accessories: shoes- Topshop, Chanel 2.55, ring- Melinda Maria, watch- Casio, bracelet- vintage
This is actually what I wore yesterday but I didn't get round to posting it. 
I want to post normal outfits posts but I think I need more practise with my tripod first!

New In: Topshop knitted t-shirt

Knitted t-shirt & necklace both from Topshop

I realise that I've been MIA and I haven't promised to post like I said that I would.
This is changing from.... now! I feel like I've found a new lease of inspiration to write about anything that comes into my head, something I see, something I wear or do.

Anyway, more about my recent purchase! I've been holding on to my Topshop vouchers since Christmas because I've been trying to stick to my new shopping mantra: Buy pieces that fit in with at least two other outfits in my wardrobe and also 'What would Olivia Palermo do?' I saw this knitted t-shirt a few months ago and I haven't been able to forget about it. This is a true sign that I must really want it.
I've also been trying to play around with accessories more so this unusual necklace caught my eye and fit the bill.

I think I'll do a post on my new shopping mantra as I find it interesting how people shop and what goes through their heads before they buy things.